I was happy
I felt loved
Walking behind you
Following Your steps
That were left for me; I knew
You told me I was your shadow
A reflection you see in the water
Never showed me a mirror
Might you’ve feared
For I would descry
My pretty little limpid wings
And fly high
Into the hyaline sky

You hid me in your heart
Locked me with your words
Tied me and called me “Mine”; No name
For that was just a demonym
You bought my trust
with pretty some lies
And when I asked you for verity
You again hugged me with those sly eyes
Caressed me with more wiles

I ain’t thy personage
Nora feathered creature in your cage
But why ain’t there still any scintilla of rage
Inside of me, there is only zeal seen on every page

I tore the book, Broke the fetters
left the papers — no letters
On the gloomy new moon night
I heard you cry
Weeping and waiting for your only wye

Photo by Sam Moqadam on Unsplash

With the winds clearing the sky
I saw you fighting your past
Bleeding and begging to set you free
To let you meet me; but in vain
So here I came
To hear the story of your every tear
To empathize with you and shroud you from every fear
I, Now, promise to be the brightest light
In the darkest of your nights



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Shazorin Krati

Shazorin Krati

A tinker bell with a pen and lots of stories to tell✨