Relaxing music for your dear Ears

I know that we all are Gen-Zs

I know it !!! Okay

You’ll have cool gadgets that you carry every day and everywhere.

And, yes everyone has their playlist when it comes to music. I..I…I got it.

But wait!!!!!

Don’t you think of listening to the patter of rain on a damn sunny day? Or wish to just sit and hear the subtle crisp snip-snap-whoosh sounds of a fireplace in winter? Of course, it ain’t possible to take you to the exact month of the year where you wish to luxuriate in. But what if I say that it is feasible to make you feel it through an application. Hmmmm… Interesting isn’t it?

A Soft Murmur :

This is an app that generates sounds of many things you like or wish to hear. For me, it’s the rain that I could hear for eternity. The good thing here is, as you can see, it is available on both the apple store and google play store. So you can listen to it anywhere by simply downloading it on your mobile. And, trust me it is a meditation for free.

It’s the pure form of relaxation therapy that you can find online. By moving those little bars to the left and write, you can adjust the volume and in fact, you can play multiple sounds at once.

And now, don’t let me start over the chirping sound of the birds. In the middle of the dead night, it’ll bring you the refreshing vibes of early morning. You can cut off the unpleasant noise around you and can calm your thoughts, bring peace to your mind (Sshh!! It’s free dear).

Oh..Oh.Owww…. There I go again. Missed out on the most impressive part.

It’s the Meander function.
It is the one in a circle on the left of the play button. If you turn it on, that means you are letting it play the sounds you selected beforehand. It randomly plays with the volumes of those sounds, sometimes set them high and sometimes low. Thus, creates a beautiful song (or say sounds) impressively.

I hope when you get bored of those same old songs you can switch to Soft Murmur to relax. Don’t only stick to the same sounds. Try some more ;-))

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