sweet death..,

I lied to comfort myself
even when I knew I was destroying myself
and then gospel knocked upon my door
handed me a slow bane; no pain
with great love and tender
during the dead of night in December
I gulped it down and ignited my stars
that was hiding my scars
For one last time I heard the patter of my tears;
glistening brightly under the street lamp

picture from pinterest

For one last time, I heard the whispers of the leaves
disclosing the great chronicles of the birth of my grief
The tattles slipped by
and travelled to the sky
It fleeted past the blanket of clouds
like the old times, when it was around the crowd
the wind came whistling its sweet melodies
mellowed the flesh of my heart
tore the soul and my body apart.



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Shazorin Krati

Shazorin Krati

A tinker bell with a pen and lots of stories to tell✨