This is a story that happened yesterday when I was sitting in my balcony with a cup if coffee in my hand enjoying the view. My uncle’s 3-year-old son came running to me and stopped whilst staring at the clear blue sky with dense white clouds. He particularly hates the rain as much as hates to eat capsicum.

After a while, he started clapping with his tiny pink hands and turned to me. I saw his face glowing with excitement and so asked him what made him so happy. He then lifted his index finger high up as much as he could, pointing towards the blue sky which was now slowly hiding behind the grey clouds. He said, “look. there. u see the clouds are closing the sky from watering. So it means it won’t rain today. yay!!!”

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

I tried hard to just laugh it off at his innocent comment but I couldn’t. The truth kept bothering me and I find it hard to correct him. Someday the kid will know and might even experience the fact that not all things which might seem to move in your favour necessarily will bring happiness to you. Some might bring you greater disappointments and disasters than what you might have feared the most in you head. Some facts are obvious to the eyes while some are not.