What is the story behind the invention of Panipuri ?

You all probably have a vivid memory of how everyone was locked inside their own houses and fought with the cravings for street foods among themselves when the whole world was in a quagmire facing a pandemic situation. We all somehow told to ourselves and made promises to our epicure soul to satisfy all their desires once after the end of the quarantine period.

To be precise half the population (or even more) of our country loves to eat chaat and pani puri. It has been receiving love from every generation and almost every state in India now has a pani puri vendor on the streets. It could be a party after winning a school sports championship, a date with loved ones or just a normal happy family time, every person has different stories to tell but one common thing among them is sitting at the chaat stall eating pani puri while wearing a wide smile on the faces.

But ever wondered who invented this delicious item? Trust me I went through all the articles which were telling the stories of the origin of pani puri or Gupchup or fulki or pani pataashi. And I was about to give up my thought for writing about the history of the existence of pani puri since there are quite a few answers on the internet. But what made me start to write this blog is the existence of evidence that I found and couldn’t stop myself from clarifying the facts about the details of our favourite street food.

It all started in 2013 when a young guy hysterically answered the most asked question about why girls are crazy over pani puri on a platform that eventually widespread among his followers. It is still unclear, for me, when things went wrong and the big confusion about pani puri being invented during the Mahabharata period rose.

According to his comical reply, he stated that the mother-in-law of Draupadi gave her a difficult task to prepare food out of little dough and leftover potatoes from which she made five small puri pieces for her five husbands and that’s how she won her heart and trust. Adding on to this, he cheekily commented on how the standard pani puri plate has only 5 pieces and the girls dream to show all other men that they are much better than being just a good wife. While it was all a joke and nearly every follower of his fell for it makes it even funnier. This story even travelled through many states and made its appearance on a TV show to which the same young guy tweeted saying how his prank got a lot of attention.

But wait! Who thought in the future that this funny reply will be considered as a true story and many big sources, bloggers would also believe it??

Sadly, no one knows the actual story and the genius creator of the mouth-watering pani puri. There is no single clear document proving or answering our question of how and when they were first created.

Hence, let’s just enjoy eating our gol gappas :-)))